The mission of the corporation is to contribute to the diversity of NYC's vibrant cultural life and employ the arts as a tool to create a bridge of understanding between people of diverse cultures.

 Further details of the mission are as follows:

1.       To preserve and promote African art forms that serve as a continuum to the historical and classical traditions of Africa with a view to facilitating greater intercultural understanding and peaceful coexistence between people from different parts of the world.

2.       To train and engage singers and dancers in the USA to perform traditional and contemporary works by African composers and choreographers.

3.   To provide opportunities for the underserved to participate in and view high quality performances.

4.       To make African creative products more accessible to the World. 

5.       To provide opportunities for an international sharing and exchange of ideas.

6.       To use the arts to create economic opportunities for the underserved and assist them in any way possible.

7.   To organize educational tours to Africa. 



Left to Right:  volunteer, Capoeria Angola Center of Mestre Joao Grande and New York African Chorus Ensemble President and Founder, Joyce Adewumi. 

The New York African Chorus Ensemble Inc (NYACE Inc) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2004 by Joyce Adewumi; an accomplished singer, choreographer, scholar, and educator with a culminate ten years experience teaching at various Nigerian Universities. Joyce Adewumi has studied and worked with many leading African composers. Her resourcefulness is further enhanced by her affiliation with many leading creators, performers and scholars in the areas of African performing, visual arts, religion, and education. Ms. Adewumi’s life long aspirations are to promote greater peace and understanding between African people and the World, and to assist the less privileged in society.


Left to Right: The Gathering XI: Paying Homage to the Ancestors Concert December 2017 Korean Traditional Dance of Choomnoori, MC Laverne Williams, New York African Chorus Ensemble President and Founder, Joyce Adewumi. 


 Much more than a singing group, NYACE is also a presenter of conferences, workshops, seminars and festivals that provide a forum for an international sharing and exchange of ideas and opportunities so that negative stereotypes that may lead to discrimination and/or violence are eradicated.

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New York African Chorus Ensemble is the recipient of the prestigious International Communications Association’s 2011 World Harmony Award  for organizing the international conference and festival, “Dialogue: Africa Meets North America in Harlem,” to mark the United Nations’ 2011 International Year of People of Africa Descent;  the 2012 Blue Heart Award from Berlin, Germany, for organizing the Celebrate Diversity Celebrate You Multicultural Festival ( now called NYC Multicultural Festival);  a 2013 Congressional Proclamation from the United States House of Congress given by Congressman Charles Rangel, and a 2014 Citation from Council Member Mark Levine.

Cultural Specialist Meeting 2017

Programs and activities are open to all people, regardless of age, race, ethnic, or religious background. Performing membership is strictly by auditions. Non-performing membership also exists for persons interested in joining our growing number of volunteers, patrons, and friends. We bring people together. In keeping with our mission, the ensemble consists of dedicated multiracial, and multicultural performers who demonstrate that the power of music can and does transcend all racial, ethnic, and religious barriers. In addition, our audiences are as culturally diverse as our performers.

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