Semester Information
Language Proficiency: Beginners!
Classes starts: TBA
Session Length: 10 classes (Nov 2021 to Feb. 2022) 5 Month course
Days & Time: DAY, ___PM, Duration: 1hr
Class Location: Online Zoom Live (Login Zoom link information and Syllabus provided after Registration )


  • I am 18+ year old
  • I cannot communicate in Yoruba (or)
  • I know some basic vocabularies
  • I understand a bit of Yoruba, but find it difficult to sustain communication
  • Cost: $10 per class

About Course:
Learn Yoruba language, sing and perform African songs. Virtual lessons foradult learners.

Instructor: Joyce Adewumi

Course level:Beginner(little to no experience)

Beginner Yoruba Language

A beginning level online Yoruba language class designed to introduce students to the basics of Yoruba vocabulary words, songs, cultural & historic meaning in a simple, fun, and interactive way. Students will also learn simple words to use in daily life and for conversation. The class is also a platform for students to sing and perform African songs within New York African Chorus Ensemble high profile shows around NYC. In addition, students will have the opportunity to attend African events for free.


Classes will be held twice a month online through Zoom. The class duration will be 1 hour and 30 minutes. This class will be building on each class but students are welcome to join at any time.

Repetition according to research will help the students learn better, so l reserve the right to modify the class structure and pace to meet the needs of the students.