“Learn More About Your African Roots” will take you closer to your roots. We aim to teach, enlighten and guide individuals to better discover and understand who they are, where they come from, achieving success in this world, and much more through the understanding of culture and traditions of the African value system. Improve your life, character and the choices you make through our African study and discussion classes.

Admission:  FREE
(The classes are free for a limited time)

All donations are welcomed to support instructors, cultural materials, and snacks for sessions.

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Learn from the source! Workshops on various Yoruba cultural practices are presented throughout the year by specialist in the field. Past speakers include High Chief Sola Atanda of Healing and Teaching Temple of African Faith (HATTAF), High Chief Muraina Oyelami and Chief Joyce Adewumi.

 In partnership with eminent cultural specialists, we organize workshops and lectures on specific aspects of African music, dance and drumming.  In addition, we provide access for anyone who desires a better understanding of African cultural practices and beliefs. We are very much interested in partnering with any community organization that caters to the needs of the underprivileged in our society. We know that there are many talented children and adults who cannot afford the cost of formal training in music, dance, or drama. We would gladly give them a chance to develop their skills with us.

To mark the United Nations 2011 International Year for People of Africa Descent, we organized an international conference and festival titled “Dialogue: Africa Meets North America in Harlem” which earned New York African Chorus Ensemble the prestigious International Artists for Peace and World Harmony Award.

Cultural Workshops:

Knowing that most people cannot afford to travel to Africa, we literally bring Africa to the rest of the World. Programs and activities are open to all people, regardless of age, race, ethnic, or religious background. Our workshops are based on traditional African holistic method of teaching so that attendees will be empowered to be great performers today and teachers tomorrow. We offer a year round workshop on African traditional, art, and contemporary music. Workshops on aspects of African culture are offered from time to time according to the availability of funds.