Women's History Month 2019
By Christelle Nkama Onwu

Joyce Adewumi, Interview by Visual Collaborative, March 2019.

Day 8: Let’s take time to celebrate the terrific accomplishments of our sisters, aunties, mothers, and extraordinary women who paved the way for African communities in New York City. #WomenHistoryMonth2019

Today, I highlight a legend of legends. A woman who has created a path for dialogue and community building through music, dance, food, and art. It’s no other than Joyce Adewumi

Joyce Adewumi is founder of the New York African Chorus Ensemble, the chairperson for the Arts and Culture Committee in Manhattan Community Board 9 and the vice president of the 30th Precinct Community Council. She founded the NYACE as a nonprofit organization in 2004. Throughout the year, students can participate in the programs’ workshops, conferences, seminars and festivals. The students range from children to adults of different ethnic backgrounds. The NYACE has won many prestigious awards for their conferences and festivals, such as the 2012 Blue Heart Award in Berlin, Germany, for organizing the Celebrate Diversity Celebrate You Multicultural Festival; a 2013 Congressional Proclamation from the United States House of Representatives given by former Congressman Charles Rangel and a 2014 citation from City Council Member Mark Levine.

The first festival was held in 2010 at Jackie Robinson Park. At the festivals, more than 80 countries showcased, along with arts and crafts, food and merchandise vendors. Now the festival occurs on Saturdays in May and June at Jackie Robinson Park. Stay tuned for the upcoming festival this summer. 
For more information about NYACE, go to nyafricanensemble.com.

She hails from Nigeria #AfricanWomenLeadNYC #HerstoryMonth

Founder and President

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 WHEREAS: The Council of the City of New York is proud to honor Joyce Adewumi in recognition of her outstanding service and contributions to the community.

 WHEREAS: We observe March as Women’s History Month to celebrate the extraordinary women who have shaped our City since its earliest days. All New Yorkers are benefactors of their profound courage and their unwavering commitment to progress and equality. As we remember the previous generations of women and their incredible struggles and triumphs, this occasion also serves an important opportunity to celebrate the countless trailblazing women who are building upon that enduring legacy making history today in their own endeavors, Joyce Adewumi is such an individual; and

WHEREAS: Although Joyce Adewumi is widely recognized as a talented and energetic performer of African music, drama, and dance, it is her passion for authentic artistic expression that has led her to create many opportunities for the presentation of African productions here in New York City; and

WHEREAS: It is impossible to fully catalog the cultural events and performances that Joyce Adewumi has inspired, organized or coordinated, but all are characterized by energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail that ensures an accurate presentation whether the performance is traditional or contemporary, especially the Village of Harlem, has enjoyed “Celebrate Diversity Celebrate You:, Dialogue: Africa Meets North America in Harlem,” and events from The New York African Chorus Ensemble; and

WHEREAS: Joyce Adewumi brings us closer together through the celebrations of cultures that are found in our great city, gives of her time, intellect, and talent in so many ways and has truly distinguished herself a role model to others, both women and men, and earning the lasting gratitude of all New Yorkers; now therefore

BE IT KNOWN: That the Council of the City of New York proudly honors

Joyce Adewumi

For her outstanding service and contributions to the community

 Signed this 20th day of March in the year Twenty Thirteen.
Christine C. Quinn, Speaker
For the Entire Council
Robert Jackson
Council Member, 7th District, Manhattan
Inez E. Dickens
Council member, 9th District, Manhattan.

Joyce Adewumi is the president and founder of the New York African Chorus Ensemble Inc (NYACE) and NYC Multicultural Festival.