Founded in 2004 by New York African Chorus Ensemble,  The Future Leaders Program (FLP) is built around ancient African holistic training of the total person. The young people enrolled in the program enjoy hands-on training of the work done in the various departments of the organization. In particular, the interns learn the fundamentals of planning, organizing and operating the annual NYC Multicultural Festival which seeks to increase public access to the arts, unify the diverse cultural groups in New York City, improve Police-Community relations, and stimulate Economic Development. Participants also attend Personal Development classes.  Grounded in sound moral foundation, the mentees are taught to be leaders and future directors in and outside the organization. Our extension of the program will include drama, wellness and empowerment classes  facilitated by additional staff and partners. 

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IWA PELE  means good character in Yoruba (a  west African language).


The vision of Future Leaders program is  to help students achieve   Good Character - “IWA PELE” and be positive role models at home and in the community. 

​Welcome to the Future Leaders Program 

​​Applications will be available on-site and online. Please complete the application and return with all the required information in order for your child or children to begin FLP.

​​The program is first come, first served. 


  1. 100% of participants set and achieve goals in 4 key areas: Learning, Art, Wellness and Social Justice.
  2. 100% of participants explore African arts & culture through song, dance, performance, and ancient holistic practices
  3. 100% of participants explore entrepreneurship and open bank accounts.
  4. 100% of participants attend and graduate from high school. 
  5. 100% of participants are accepted into colleges and universities. 

Contact us for questions at (347) 938-9335.

​​​​Long-Term Goals


​Our mission is to  give young people the tools and resources that they require to excel in academics, succeed in life, contribute to a stable and safe home and be economically empowered. 

​​Welcome to our extended Future Leaders Program where mentees are encouraged and equipped with the tools to be smart, creative, hardworking,  eager to learn and serve their community. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

Future Leaders Program is designed to help ages 7 to 12  and 13 to 18 years old  to learn and practice goal setting, and creative expression through African music, dance, drama, wellness, Introduction to design and sewing, event planning and social justice.  We also offer math tutoring homework help and snacks.  

​Students participate in community-building activities and learn how to organize events such as the NYC Multicultural Festival. 

​Contact us for questions at (347) 938-9335.