The following are actual statements of some of our members:

Gloria A. - The words I would use to describe NYACE are dynamic, flowing, diverse, growing, wonderful. I have been a member of this organization from the very beginning. Lion King ain't got nothing on us!

Imani - I first joined the chorus because I was looking for a group that performed African or World music similar to the concept of Zap Mama. I like this organization because everyone is given the opportunity to learn how to sing, dance and play an instrument. I look forward to improving my voice and familiarizing myself with African melodies and rhythms.

Nunu - My initial reason for joining the organization was because I love to sing. Back home in South Africa I was a soloist and I led many singing groups. In this organization we learn many songs in different African languages, different dance movements and the differences and similarities in the various African cultures.

Aya - What I have gained since becoming a member of this organization is true human passion demonstrated by the members and audience at each concert. Tears come to my eyes when I see how we move our audience even though they may not understand the language of the songs we perform. What I hope to gain is higher quality.

Aki - I joined this organization two months ago and since then I have gained so much. I love what we are doing so much that I practice every day. Singing the songs lifts my spirit when I am down and tired.

Zailyone- I joined the choir because I enjoy singing. I love to hear the different harmonies when we sing. I have a passion for Africa and African music. By becoming a member of this organization I look forward to increasing my knowledge of African music.

Jen - I joined NYACE in order to sing with the organization and learn more about African composers.

James - I am an entertainer and this group gives me the opportunity to do what I do best. I am looking forward to learning so much more.

 Read What Others Say

Mary Thomas -  Encouraging people to express joy through song and dance, the manifestation of love is at the cornerstone of this group's success. Their infectious, explosive energy has brought audiences to their feet. If there is a secret in Harlem, New York African Chorus Ensemble Inc. is definitely it.


Prof. James Small -    The New York African Chorus Ensemble Inc. is a refreshing expression of authentic African forms representing dance, music, and drama. The ensemble is an attempt at using metaphors to link the World to an understanding of African spiritual culture and history. They're a must see for anyone involved in experiencing Africa. 


Rev. Lillian Gold - The voices of the Chorus are so rich and spirit filled. They really sing from their soul. The congregation was so deeply moved and inspired by the Chorus singing the songs of Africa. They had us all standing on our feet!

Columbia Hospital, Department of Family Medicine - We were all impressed by your group, and I hope that this is the beginning of a long term relationship between us.