13th annual NYC Multicultural Festival- "The Healing"

November 2021 to May 2022 
6:30 PM  7:30 PM EST

Watch Party Series Prelude to the

13th Annual NYC Multicultural Festival

Saturday, June 4th and June 18, 2022

Beginner Yoruba Language & music classes

This season’s NYC Multicultural Festival, the theme is “The Healing.” It is time for us all to heal. The world needs to be healed and we cannot think of a better therapy than the music, dance and visual arts that we create inspired by the divine.  We hope you will join us again to use your medium to express whatever healing means to you. Click the link below to learn more and RSVP tickets for you, your family and friends.

Learn Yoruba language, sing and perform African songs. We offer fun virtual lessons to adult learners. See more and sign up for class.


BETA 4.0. Business Empowerment through the Arts 



We are excited to partner with NYC Mesh to stop the digital divide. Neighbors in our area of CB9 suffer greatly from slow, expensive or no internet service. With the increase in home base business, and the increase of online school work we are partnering with NYC Mesh, a community-based open network offering fast, affordable, and fair access to the Internet for all New Yorkers. Connecting underserved communities in New York online matters. If you live in Community Board 9, click the button below to learn how to sign up your building for the open network.

Upcoming Programs


Connecting West Harlem Neighborhood buildings to the

Internet with NYC Mesh  

Join us to watch the best cultural performances from  this past summer at our watch party starting in November and ending in May.  The Watch Parties will serve as a prelude to the outdoors festival in 2022. A series presented by New York African Chorus Ensemble and NYC Cultural Organizations.

New York African Chorus Ensemble are excited to introduce the BETA 4.0 program. We will  help create  free commercials for individuals working or living in Community Board 9 district who own home based businesses.  ! We will also help promote these businesses to our contacts and online watch party series. Don’t thank us, thank West Harlem Development Corporation for caring about small businesses in our district.​